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The NCCR Nepal Research Group is a partner of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research North-South (NCCR N-S), financially supported by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and Swiss universities. The Nepal Research Group is composed of major NCCR North-South collaborators active in Nepal. The group is coordinated from the NCCR N-S South Asia Coordination Office, located at Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu.

In line with the objectives of NCCR North-South and strategy of JACS South Asia Region the Nepal Research Group commits to the following main objectives:

1) Research

To undertake in-depth and empirical disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on development issues emphasizing local voices of stakeholders to policy level that is mentioned in similar essays Focusing on three themes of research areas The Nepal Research Group is involved in following themes identified in JACS South Asia regional strategy:

  1. Livelihood realities in the context of globalization
  2. Development, environment and resource management
  3. Institutions, governance and conflict transformations

2) Linking Research-Policy-Practices

The Nepal Research Group as network of partner institutions collectively work to develop capability to address sustainable development related challenges faced by the country and contribute to empowerment goal of the NCCR North-South. One of the effective tools is linking research-policy-practice through policy dialogue. In the research-policy practice continuum the priority is given on the publications and disseminations of the research findings and insights.

The Nepal Research Group facilitates series of round-table meetings, discussion sessions and workshops. Publishing policy papers, discussion papers and books, the initiation of radio and TV programs to facilitate and energize interaction and discussion with policy makers, researchers and stakeholders is an important policy instrument adapted by Nepal Research Group.

Research-development interface is one of the priorities of Nepal Research Group. Hence, its activities make conscious efforts to understand development policies and priorities of development agencies, explore potentials for collaboration with them and engage with media to disseminate research findings.

3) Capacity Building

The Nepal Research Group aims to develop competence of individuals (through masters and PhD education, training and publications) that ultimately contribute to the capacity of institutions to cater socially required knowledge and skills for addressing challenges faced by developing and developed countries in a globalizing world.

The group's efforts are therefore concentrated in strengthening development-oriented research capacities in Nepal and Switzerland. It has focused on strengthening research partnership between Swiss universities and universities of Nepal for in-depth research with master and PhD level studies and policy advocacy through collaborating NGOs.

4) Contribute to consolidation of structural arrangement

Nepal is hosting the South Asia Regional Coordination Office (RCO) of the NCCR North-South. Developing the RCO as a long term research centre for sustainable development is a structural aim of SAS where the Nepal Research Group actively contributes.

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